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Friday, September 12, 2008

Janae's Bridals

I guess I'm a little late at posting Janae's bridals. I was planning on doing them this morning. We photographed her wedding today at the Mount Timpanogos Temple, so keep watching for the wedding pictures. I am having some calibration issues with my laptop and my spyder calibration hardware comes on Monday. So I apologize if some of my color and blog entries have been off in color, dark or washed. ENJOY!


arzed said...

Greetings from Brunei Darussalam.. Interesting blog you've got here. Do visit my page, too.. :)

Diane said...

She's really beautiful. I think one of my favorites there is the colored one on the bridge. You did a great job Melissa! Oh, and did any of the bubble gum pictures turn out cute, or were they goofy?