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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Vacation Day 2 - Ashton, ID and West Yellowstone

So on Day two, we drove from Ashton to West Yellowstone and went to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center. The kids loved it. The wolves had only been there for about a month from the wild so they were really interested in the kids. It was actually interesting how they preyed in on the kids. They definitely realized that they were the weaker of our species. Every time Hailey came close to them they lowered their heads and came right up to the window. We went to lunch at a little restaurant called Kiwi's and it was awesome...the lady was from New Zealand and made me a really yummy roast beef and mushroom sandwich with chipotle ranch dressing. We spent a lot of time at the hotel swimming with the kids and then went to dinner at an okay Saloon/Eatery called Bullwinkles...then we crashed. ENJOY!

Hailey loved the wolves!He seriously wanted to eat the kids...They were sitting on a bear in the gift shop, but I only haf my 70-200 mm lens on so I couldn't get the whole bear in the pic...
Stay tuned for day three...

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