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Monday, March 16, 2009

Getting ready for Addison!

Shannon called me back in November to do some shots of her and her hubby.  She ended up calling me the week of her pics and cancelled.  I later found out it was because her hubby hates getting his picture taken.  I hope that after working with them on these maternity shots, he feels differently. :) He should because they are both so dang cute and I am so excited to see their sweet baby, Addison, whenever she decides to join us! Thanks you guys for choosing me to share in your special time! 

I know, this isn't really a maternity shot, but I loved it!

What a hottie...between the two of them, they will definitely have a beautiful baby!
I thought this was a fun personality shot! She was so fun!
She definitely glows!

Isn't her nursery the cutest! I LOVE it!


Martinez Family said...

Melissa, these pics are great! You really do such a great job capturing personalities.

Margaret said...

I absolutely love the nursery. They are a cute couple and the photos are great. I love the one with the Converse on her belly.

Too cute :)

Jill said...

Melissa these are some great pictures! Absolutely love them. If only I would have looked as good as she does pregnant! You are amazing!
I signed your follower list I hope you come by and do the same!
Happy St. Patty's day
I look forward to visiting your blog!

Althea said...

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Lani said...

Visiting from SITS! What a great maternity shoot.. they look like such a sweet couple, and I love their babies room too!

Mark W. said...

Very cool shots Melissa!