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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Do you remember Addison while she was in mommy's tummy? If not see it here.  What a cute, cute baby! I took these when she was about seven days old, but because mommy went past her due date, she was a big baby weighing in over nine pounds (and very alert too). ENJOY!


Troy, Becky and Alysea said...

Oh cute!!!

Scott Smith said...

Great set, I just did a baby portrait shoot with a scale, will be posting it later this week. I enjoy your blog, keep up the great work

Jill said...

Amazing pictures. I love looking at your work. I wish you lived close so I could get you to take some shots of my girls.

Happy Easter!

missy said...

awesome pictures!!!!!!!
cute, cute, cute!!!!!!

carriebutler said...

Hi Melissa,
I just stumbled onto your blog while researching some cool places to shoot a bride and groom last week, I absolutely love your work, you are wonderful!