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Monday, May 4, 2009

Jason and Melissa at the Salt Lake Temple - Utah Wedding Photographer

The weekend before we left, we shot Jason and Melissa's wedding at the Salt Lake Temple. We were only at the temple with them so I included some of the little detail shots I took too. ENJOY!
Because they didn't have a photographer for the reception, we did a quick little bouquet toss at the temple.

Me working hard...I love how skinny I look here...he he he
I think this is my favorite!

Gotta love those purple heels!

Matt caught this one with the wide angle, while I was up close...

They were sooo happy!


Folks Photography said...

SOOOOO pretty! these are seriously gorgeous! ps. you're an inspiration to me to lose 20 lbs. thank you :)

Kara said...

They look amazing. You are so talented. I love browsing your blog. :)

Dustin Izatt said...

oh, I loved the purple heels :) Really great emotion and compositions :) Way to go !