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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bryce and Christy's Engagement's

I am so blessed to be able to photograph these two because they have such a special place in my heart. Christy babysits our kids for us when I am out doing weddings or various other work related things along with the occasional date night here and there. I have entrusted my life in her hands and she is so good at loving my children!!! I feel so blessed to have her not only as a babysitter for the kids, but as my friend. I really feel as if she is just part of the family and am so happy that Bryce has made her soooo happy! In all the time I have known Christy, I have never seen her this happy. They are in love and it definitely shows! Love you guys!!!


Martinez Family said...

Melissa! These pics are awesome! You can tell these two really love each other!!! This location is great! where is it? Talk soon!

Tammy said...

Beautiful photos! I love happy couple photos like these!

Happy Sunday from this SITStah!