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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kenyon and Hailey - It's Been a While

I haven't posted any pictures of the kids in a while, so I though I would post a few that I have randomly taken over the last little while. ENJOY!
I think this one is hilarious...Hailey has been on a kick where she is licking everything, including her brother...I especially love the fact that he looks like he just wants to strangle her, but knows better...

This was on Kenyon's first day of school...


Venita Michelle said...

I love their little cheeks!

David said...

The second picture is priceless! Did he freek? Gross-out or just wipe his cheek and keep his cool? Little sisters! What do you do with them. Tell him not to teach her to punch, box or fight. I know from personal experience, that it will hurt later in life. Cute kids. Nice to see you again.

Sandy said...

What can I say? They are gorgeous. You couldn't take a bad picture of those two.

bettyl said...

Such cuties!!

elvira pajarola said...

I just stepped in from SITS and wish you happy spooky halloween!

COMPLIMENTI, the photos are magnificient; the children are superb!!!!!!
I will jump now in your other blog!
Have a beautiful weekend and ciao from far away TUSCANY!