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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Robisons - Wheeler Farm

Meet the Robison Family.

I met Susan a little over five years ago. At first, we weren't great friends...in fact, she thought I was just a snobby self righteous Mormon girl and to be honest, I wasn't very fond of her either. It's funny the way things come about...One day she had started working at the branch of the bank I worked for and neither of us had anything to do for lunch so we decided to go eat at Pepperbelly's together mostly cause we both were craving Mexican food.

From there, I fell in love with her. If any of you know me or have spent even a relatively small amount of time with me, you know I have a problem with talking. I could talk for hours and hours and hours and still never stop. I think Susan is truly one of the few people I have met that can actually keep up with me. We could actually (if we weren't so busy with our kids and lives) have a talking marathon.

We have always joked about how we are sisters from another mother because both of us had quite similar childhoods - not always a smooth journey. I have always believed that a true friend is hard to find, but in Susan I have definitely found that - a true friend. One of those friends that knows more about you than you know about yourself and still loves you anyway...that is Susan.

A person is only complete when she had a true friend to understand her, to share all her passions and sorrows with, and to stand by her throughout her life. Susan, you complete me. I love you! ENJOY!


Kristine said...

Hi Melissa ~ I came across your blog while visiting Kamee June's site... these photos are beautiful. I LOVE the rich colors and the tractor! Fantastic!

justin said...

Oooh LOVE the tractor! These are awesome!