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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sarah's Bridals

Well Matt and I are off to Sarah and Nathaniel's Wedding today! I am so excited! I enjoyed her bridals so much! She is so cute and a total sweetheart. It was a crazy day when we shot her birdals, we ran from the rain, across the entire wasatch front, but ended in Ogden with stormy skies but no rain. YAY! ENJOY!

This is my favorite one...

Stay tuned for their wedding!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's That Time Again - Utah State Fair 2009

So, I know the state fair isn't for a couple of months, but I am posting them early, so I can make any final editing changes and process them a little at a time.  I am trying hard to decide which pictures to enter in the fair and what to title them. So in no particular order here they are. You can vote on your three favorite pictures and if you think of any creative names feel free to leave them in a comment on this entry.  The voting box will be on the side...ENJOY!  - P.S. If you think anything needs to be done differently on them feel free to tell me that also.  I LOVE helpful criticism!!!

1 - Butterfly 2
2 - Great Blue Heron
3 - Sunset Stroll
4 - Iguana
5 - I Heart You
6 - Mariah
7 - Isaac (I know this was one from last year's fair, but I didn't enter it and still LOVE it so much!)
8 - Joyous Day
9 - Key West Pier
10 - Life is a Beach
11 - Butterfly 1
12 - Morgan
13 - Olivia Ray
14 - Osprey
15 - Owl Eye
16 - "Fall"ing in Love
17 - Yellow Seahorse
18 - Superhero
19 - Vintage Wedding
20 - Wolf Eyes

Monday, May 25, 2009

Jordan and Emily Salt Lake Temple - Utah Wedding Photographer

FINALLY! I didn't think I would get this posted as soon as I did, but here it is! Emily and Jordan at the Salt Lake Temple. It was a very gloomy day, but they didn't let that get in the way. ENJOY!

Love the shoes one...