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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shane and Daniele's Wedding at the Salt Lake Utah LDS Temple and the JSMB

It was a beautiful day for Shane and Daniele's wedding...very cold and somewhat overcast...but still a nice day. I have felt a special bond with Daniele since the first time I met her...she reminds me so much of me - she definitely is much prettier :) ten years ago...so full of life and energy with so many dreams and aspirations to look forward to. I wish you two nothing but the best married life has to offer.

I love this one of them walking out of the temple...

These next two I shot with my 16mm f/2.8 fisheye lens. :) Gotta love the fisheye!

What a handsome guy!
I think this is one of my very favorites from the day!

Taking the plunge...

Her sister is a hair stylist and I think she did an AWESOME job!
The reception before all the guests arrived...
The place settings for dinner...this is one of my favorite parts is all the good food!
Her mom was reading a story about Danielle that she wrote when she was younger...

Shane played the piano and sang a love song to her...so romantic!
The centerpieces for the reception...

I absolutely loved their cake!

Okay, so I know it totally looks like I am posing, but I'm not. Matt just shot this as I was trying to straighten her canvas in the easel...Do I always look this awful?
They nailed each other with the cake...
he won though...
I love grandma's expression in the back :)
the toast...
had to get one of her kissing her dad.
GQ-ing it
Not my car!!!
It was a lot better than some I've seen :)
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cstenney said...

what a beautiful wedding!! These shot look really good Melissa!!!!

Danielle said...

Temple weddings are always so beautiful!
I love the pictures!

Stoppin' by from SITS!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

So many great photos...what a beautiful wedding!