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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yellowstone National Park - Family Vacation Part Three

Okay...so here we are...Day three...we journeyed from West Yellowstone along the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone (Artist Point) then back to Mammoth up over cook pass and then the Via Inez pass into Cody, Wyoming. Yes - a ton of driving! But all worth it...if you have the time, this is a gorgeous drive but long and steep switchbacks and a ton of time in the car.

A cow elk.
Mr Buffalo eating his boogers...
My kiddos...
Yellowstone river - I think...
My kiddos and me at Artist Point...
What a nut!
Artist Point...gorgeous!
Home, home on the range...
Looking out from the top of the Via Inez pass...it was so much prettier and I really wish I could have waited for the perfect light...but that's the joy of traveling with kids :)
Mr. Chipmunk
Kenyon looking in the mirror
And last...me with my crazy windy hair...and usually what I look like...the camera in front of my face :)
Keep watching...I have one more day from this trip to post with Mr. Grizzly and then our trip last weekend :)
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Danna said...

Hey- Just found your blog- Fabulous photos! Great blog!

Shawn said...

Just visiting over from SITS! Great pics! You are really talented, girl! My hubby is a photographer also---you can check out his blog at www.bbsnaps.net

Have a great day!!

Frenchy chick said...

I am in Utah too. LOVE the pictures!!
Come say hi.

hummer said...

You capture the moments so well. Your son is a delight. I laughed at the pictures of the buffalo. Our cow could see his tongue and do one better. LOL...
Great shots!