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Friday, March 12, 2010

Five Things I Learned at WPPI

I had a good friend and fellow photographer who requested I list some of the things I learned at WPPI this last week and I knew some of them, but it was just nice to have a refresher and affirmation of some of the things I was already thinking along with a few new ideas on how I can improve as a photographer.
1 - Be Different - Each of us are different in our own way, so take what makes you different and make the very best of it. Know your strengths and build on those.
2 - If it's easy, it wouldn't be profitable or worth it - anything in life worth having takes work (sometimes a lot) to get it.
3 - Brides are choosing photographers, not photographs. Sell the realtionship and be a pleasure to work with.
4 - Emotions sell your work not your pricing and if people are looking for only pricing they're not the right client for me. I don't give cheap service or product, therefore I am not a cheap photographer.
5 - Find something, anything to leave a piece of your heart with the client. They choose you to share in the most important day of their lives...make sure you take out the time to leave a piece of your heart with them.
Feel free to ask any other questions or offer your insight as to anything you learned recently or while at WPPI.

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Rebekah said...

Love all of this! And agree 100% with all of it. Man I soooo wish that I had been able to go. Share more!!! :)