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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well...I'm home from WPPI in Las Vegas...such a wonderful, inspiring, long, tiresome week...I don't know where to begin. I am feeling tons of different emotions right now...where do I begin? WPPI was a wonderful experience with so much information I am beginning to think I am never going to accomplish all of my goals or even come up with the right visions to accomplish those goals. I feel like Matt and I worked harder this last week than we have ever before but it was good rejuvenating work filled with a TON of incredible inspiration.

I am making a goal to write more...more thoughts and feelings on my blog...and hopefully be able to get what I am thinking into readable flowing words...as writing never was my specialty :) The only thing I ask is that you join me in this journey...leave comments...ask questions and more than anything let me know that when I am writing these things someone out there is actually reading my blog and enjoying my art...so I'm not wasting my time or energy.

And to fill you with some laughter...here is a fun happy shot from Keven and Audrey's wedding - a little over a year ago...I love her expression - complete joy!


ziggyp said...

Hey Melissa love to hear about WPPI. How about a post on your top five most inspirational things from WPPI, and top five most useful things that you can apply now or in the future.

Welcome Back!

Printhis said...

love this shot!! black and white so classic. and the natural emotion shots are the best in my opinion.