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Thursday, April 1, 2010

These Are the Reasons I LOVE What I Do!

I got an awesome review a while back but just found it from the Roller Family and I was so glad to hear how much she enjoyed it. These are the things that make my job so special. I love my clients and know how much you are all entrusting me with capturing life's most precious memories...it is a HUGE responsibility that I don't take lightly. I love nothing more than handing over images that you will show your grandchildren 50 years from now and even though it is such a huge responsibility it is such a huge gift! I love being able to contribute little pieces of me and my passion and love for photography to each and every one of my clients. Hilary - If you are reading this, you totally made my day! Thank you!

"I won a photography package from Melissa Papaj Photography and let me tell you, Melissa Papaj is fantastic! From the first conversation we had over the phone you would have thought we were already friends. She is so friendly and outgoing, and she took so much time asking questions and trying to get a feel for what kind of pictures we wanted and what type of scenery we were looking for, so we could find the right location. We decided on Antelope Island because of it's variations of scenery, and she spent 3 HOURS taking our pictures. She was so patient with my two year old son, who was less than cooperative, and we went all over the island finding places to shoot. I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone and we can't wait to use her again! Thanks so much, Melissa and Giveaway Today! -The Roller Family"
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tami and todd said...

Well, you are awesome! I enjoyed our session so much even though the weather was terrible. That's my only regret... the weather & no flexibility since we live in southern utah, I wish we could've had a more laid back session (again not your fault, the weather & mine). You are very charismatic and make us you're shooting feel awesome! I hope these comments refills your bucket and keeps your spirits high!

Kara said...

They are such a cute family. I love your pics Melissa!

Miracle Pending said...

Love it! Wish you were in California to get family photos of us. You're great at capturing the sparkle in their eyes.

Future Mama said...

awww, what a sweet testimonial! Don't those just make your day?! You ARE an awesome photographer!! Look at these great moments you've captured!! I'm so excited to start looking for family photogs soon since we're adding a new addition!

By the way thanks for visiting me on my SITS day! Slowly making my way through all of the comments! :)

Alicia said...

Love your photos. You have a gift. I have a passion for photography, but nothing profesional yet. I'm a new follower.