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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New House or at least a hole :)

I am always wondering and debating on if I should post personal things on my blog or not. I know some people like the idea of only having to read one blog with everything in one place, but then again, I know some people who come here only to view my photography. I would love some feedback if you want the personal stuff here or not as much :) It also sometimes concerns me because everything is out in the open for anyone to know.
So today was a great day! We FINALLY after six long months of planning started digging a hole for our new house. We are so excited for the day to finally come when we can stop dreaming of being there and make it a reality :) Kenyon is riding in the tractor here.
He was taking his job very seriously!

And Hailey, not quite as serious, but she was definitely all about digging!

Matt supervising...
The hole in the ground, because it is in the mountains, the sewer line is a lot deeper to keep from freezing. It was 17 feet deep!!!
Hailey holding our VERY EXPENSIVE dirt :)
Kenyon standing on top of our VERY expensive pile of dirt :)
Hailey not only played in the dirt, but she also ate it. Crazy girl!