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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Plumber vs. Photographer - My Thoughts

I was recently reading a forum entry on a photography website and it came up in the forum about a plumber being compared to a photographer saying there was no comparison and I thought I would expound on this a bit further.

The quote was “You can’t really compare a photographer’s work to a plumber’s work, since they come in, do the job and they are done.”

At first, this statement might seem true, but looking further – I would have to disagree. They also have to carry expensive insurance and licensing fees, specialize in marketing, have a good education/knowledge of what they are doing, carry around expensive specialized equipment. Along with drawing up and fussing over contracts, replacing old outdated expensive equipment, dealing with customers. People don’t really think about what they are paying a plumber to do – be available, with the knowledge, equipped for everything (including insurance) and ready to go to work in who knows what circumstances.

The same as a client not knowing everything they pay me as a wedding and portrait photographer to do. To say just “unclogging the toilet” is like saying as a photographer we just “take pictures with a camera”. And wouldn’t you want the plumber who carries the insurance, uses the right equipment, has the knowledge and experience and knows how to get the job done over a plumber working on his first toilet or even his fifth toilet without insurance using only consumer grade equipment?

I have no idea where I am heading with this other than to make a point that in any service industry job, it is so easy to say that something someone does is just that job but in reality there is so much more to it – or at least there should be when doing it right. :)