This blog follows both my personal and professional life, featuring my children, photography jobs, and of course, my love for animals. It's basically my own personal photo album combined with an information source for my clients. This site is very informal and allows me to share a little bit of my personality with you. :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nominee for Best Photographer in Salt Lake City, Utah

Hey everyone! Thanks so much to all of you who nominated me for the Best Family Photographer in Salt Lake City...I made it in to the top five this year so far. Last year, I came in second place next to Kiddie Kandids who won. So I am hoping to walk away with it this year, but I am up against some fierce competition...incredible photographers with incredible talent. If you can, please go and vote for me as I am pretty sure I will need all the help I can get :) You can vote for me every day for the next 55 days. Thanks so much for supporting me in the best job EVER! I hope it shows how much I love what I do! http://www.parentsconnect.com/parents-picks/salt-lake-city-ut-usa/best-salt-lake-city-family-photographer