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Monday, August 9, 2010

Ben and Kimberly's Wedding - Denver, Colorado LDS Temple - Utah Wedding Photographer

The first time I met Ben and Kim was for their engagement session in Park City, Utah where we had lunch at Ruby Tuesday and took pictures on Main Street and I instantly fell in love with these two. They go together like bananas and nutella ;)
Ben and Kim were married in the Denver, Colorado LDS Temple which was followed by a ring ceremony and reception at an LDS church. The day started out beautiful, as you can tell and believe it or not, got even more beautiful in a different kind of way. I kept watching the storm clouds sitting over the mountains and a lot of the time over our heads but choosing not to rain. After the reception we went over to a really cool place with the bridal party to do pictures (at the end of this post) where it got very stormy...in fact so stormy the news said we had a tornado - we were in the middle of it. As we were shooting the very last shot, the wind kicked up so hard we started running and a tree as big as the one in the pictures, but standing, broke right in half and came crashing down right in front of us as we were running to our cars...seriously my life flashed before my eyes and as we got into the car, I thanked God that I was going to make it home to see my kids...but looking back on this crazy storm and almost getting killed by a falling tree...I found the perfect quote "Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky." - Rabindranath Tagore - Seriously the sky and wind is totally what completed this day and I think we all went away from there feeling more greatful than ever before that we were there at that moment being thankful for that - just being.
Ben and Kimberly, I hope that in your marriage you will always look back to this special day and remember how strong your love is - that it can weather any storm no matter how strong the winds are or how dark the clouds are - there is always a silver lining and color in your sky. I love you both dearly and feel so blessed to have shared in this special day with both of you. Thank you for sharing your lives and hearts with my husband and me - all my love - Melissa

Matt took this awesome shot of the temple...

Ring ceremony...

Ben's dad performed the ring ceremony which was very special to them. I love the way he is looking at Ben here.

I love, Love, LOVE the way Ben is looking at her here. He had this expression on his face the majority of the day.

The letter...

Here is the rainbow that we saw right before the winds came and it got crazy...

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