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Monday, November 14, 2011

A Quick trip to Orange County California and Catalina Island

So, my wonderful husband surprised me with a short weekend trip to Orange County, California. We left on Thursday and came home yesterday. It was an absolutely wonderful trip - I loved getting away and being able to just spend some time with Matt. The first day we just got settled in at teh Ritz-Carlton hotel, went to Laguna and he showed me the beaches he life guarded as a teen, but I wasn't feeling like taking the camera with me. On Friday, we sailed to Catalina Island and spent the day there and Saturday  - which was very rainy- we went to see Matt's friend Nash along with some neighbors he grew up around in San Juan Capistrano where we also visited the San Juan Capistrano Mission - which is beautiful! He told me about the many times he attended Sunday Mass there as it was his Parrish as a child. The only complaint I have about the trip is that it wasn't long enough and it was pretty cold. ENJOY!
my handsome hubby

our hotel bathroom

our cute door hangers - I thought they were cool :)

us on the way to Catalina Island

A street on Catalina Island

Catalina housefront


another one of my handsome hubby in front of the Catalina Casino


Catalina Casino which has now been turned into a theater and museum

Catalina Yacht Club


Me under the Pier



A Pelican in flight

Sailing away from Catalina

The San Juan Capistrano mission church - Matt used to go to church here when he was a boy, it was in his parrish

Close-up of the San Juan Capistrano mission

San Juan Capistrano Mission

San Juan Capistrano Mission

San Juan Capistrano Mission

San Juan Capistrano Mission

A gorgeous hummingbird at the San Juan Capistrano mission

San Juan Capistrano Mission

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