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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Micah and Manda's gorgeous wedding on the Oregon / California Border West Coast and California Redwoods - Destination Wedding Photographer

Micah and Manda's wedding couldn't have been more magical. I woke up the morning of their wedding day to rain, pouring west coast rain. Knowing that the ceremony was outside, I couldn't help but worry. As Matt and I drove to the beach house, I prayed that the rain would at least stop for their ceremony. -- It didn't but it did let up enough to at least do their wedding ceremony out on the back cliff overlooking the ocean. After a rainy, foggy gorgeous mid-day ceremony and some quick pictures, Matt and I headed out and planned to come back later on to do some sunset formals on the beach that evening. When we arrived for formals that evening it was a complete downpour. I still went in and did Manda's makeup, just hoping and praying for the rain to let up. Sure enough it did... the sunset was absoultely beautiful and allowed just enough light in to make beautiful images. The next day, I lived the dream of any photographer and went into the California Redwoods to shoot more formals. We couldn't have had a better time and with such a beautiful couple! I feel so blessed that these two entrusted me and Matt to capture this beautiful time in their lives. 

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